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       This system comprises several subsystems that can be operated independently, or as one whole wireless network. It utilises Passive Infra Red (PIR) technology to detect intrusion into a protected area. The sensors could be used for both indoors and outdoors to reliably detect heat and movement under almost any environmental condition, and they are powered by battery with a life span of 15 years.


         Passive infrared motion detectors are specifically designed to eliminate the previous problem with motion detectors—the problem of false signaling. Often times, the less expensive varieties of motion detectors created havoc for the site owner using surveillance: motion detectors would detect motion and set of alarms for something as small as a breeze or an animal outside the location. The passive infrared motion detectors are the most popular of motion systems because their sensitivity has been stabilized. Instead of detecting motion alone, passive infrared motion detectors also note temperature fluctuations in the are being monitored and it will pick up on the body heat that a human body gives off. To understand how a passive infrared motion detector works imagine the following:

       A passive infrared motion detector has been installed and it is ready to monitor a site. The average room temperature of the area being monitored is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Now imagine that an intruder enters the area: humans have a body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The passive infrared motion detector will pick up on the sudden increase in temperature and in doing so will signal the alarm or other devices it is working with. What’s fantastic about passive infrared motion detectors is that they are set up to disregard small changes in the room’s temperature and to only regard erratic or sudden changes. Plus, passive infrared motion detectors can be specifically set to distinguish between horizontal and vertical shapes and they can thereby eliminate the possibility that an animal like a household pet will set off the motion detector.


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