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EPIDS are used for perimeter intrusion detection through their Defensor and GuardWire micro-phonic cable sensors. to protect various types of sites such as:
 Government Sites.
 Industrial facilities.
 Nuclear plants.
ary compounds.

 Residential compounds.

 Important business compounds.

We  are specializes in tailor made solutions for turn-key projects. These projects involve field consulting, design and development of solution, supply of required equipment, supervision of operation as well as operating and technical training.

We  have vast capabilities of integration between systems, whether it is its own systems or external systems, enhanced its position in the perimeter security market. 

DOSAMA® has unique perimeter systems integrate with any installed passive fence as well as with different external devices such as detectors, CCTV, lights, speakers, sirens, and more. This distinctive integration competence provides a high and reliable level of security with a minimum rate of false alarm, which generates maximum intrusion and detection resolution.

We can manage extensive line of systems and products along with its technological knowledge and experience allow it to be customized according to customers’ specification and requirements.

Product  Associations 
Portable Intruder Sensors 
Biometric Smart Cards 
ID Verification based on Biometric Technology 
Electronic Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems 
Metal & Explosives Detection Systems 
Infra-Red Illumination Systems 
High Quality Video Systems 
 Blockers All Types

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