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Desktop Smart Card Reader

Smart Card Reader for PCMCIA port
used for mobile applications

Smart Card Reader for ExpressCard 54 port

Contactless Smart Card Reader for Mifare, iCLASS, and CPU cards

PC-link Smart Card Reader for secure PIN entry

Smart Card Reader with integrated fingerprint scanner for authentication including biometrics


       Biometrics add an additional layer of security to a smart card system.>


       Biometric smart card are solutions using biometric technologies and advanced encryption devices to provide a wide range of innovative high security solutions for military, government and industrial needs.


         Biometric smart card protects biometric data and provides a reliable solution where there are privacy concerns. Fingerprints are an ideal credential for logical access control to computer networks and fingerprint templates never leave a smart card unprotected.

       Integrating a biometric sensor into a smart card reader makes sense because it is more convenient to combine a smart card reader with a fingerprint scanner in one integrated device. Fingerprint sensors in smart card readers enhance security by bringing the biometric sensor physically closer to the smart card system. In case of a "match on a card" (MOC) system, they stay inside the card from the time of first enrollment.

       Smart Cards are ideal to store templates, make them portable and validate the identity of the card holder. Those templates can either be matched on the host system, on an intelligent smart card reader, or on the card istself via match on card (MOC).

 Magnetic stripe cards. A magnetic stripe card has a strip of magnetic tape material attached to its surface. This is the standard technology used for bank cards and can only store data which cannot be updated. 

Optical cards. Optical cards use some form of laser to read and write to the card. 

Memory cards. Memory cards can store a variety of data, including financial, personal, and specialized information, but cannot process information. 

Microprocessor cards. Smart cards with microprocessors look like standard plastic cards, but are equipped with an embedded Integrated Circuit (IC) chip. They can store information, carry out local processing on the data stored, and perform complex calculations. These cards take the form of either "contact" cards (which require a card reader) or "contactless" cards (which use radio frequency signals to operate).


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